Let It Rain


a little bit of industry

has killed my ideology

now I drink my coffee in the evening.

waited up and listened out,

'till the mocking birds were singing loud

to the sound of no-body believing.


you and I had time to lose

we just threw pebbles at the moon

basking in the dawn of the millennia,

but now I'm just a spinning plate,

hard in love with yesterday,

getting kind of sick of my reflection.


and it feels like a whirlwind,

like a broken carousel,

like paradise will always be following your world.


so let it rain,

let it rain,

from the sky, to my brain.

it's a lonely thirsty place, 

so let it rain. 


and right after my first descent 

I knew that you were heaven sent,

as you sat there in the waiting room, believing

that we are more than a case study,

a tear upon our families,

we are so much more than a memory


and I woke up from a sleepless week

humanity seemed kind to me,

and I couldn't wait to find out why they're crying.

the pretty one with broken eyes,

the city boy who's full of lies,

the vicar and the killer wear the same skin. 


I feel like an actor,

who's running out of lines,

running out of reasons,

to convince you that I'm fine. 


so let it rain,

let it rain,

from the sky, to my brain

it's a lonely thirsty place,

so let it rain,

let it rain,

let it rain.