What does OT stand for?

It’s my surname abbreviated. “Ostrowsky-Thomas”. My mum’s dad was Ukrainian and my dad is British (and my mums Italian, which probably explains my pizza addiction). Yes I’ve heard the shampoo joke.

What happened to Kill The Witness?

For those who don’t know, Kill The Witness was a band I played in for a couple of years. We split up mid 2018. For no dramatic reason. Other members had other things on and we all went our separate ways

- Jamie is playing some great classical piano music, check out his stuff here

- Aaron is playing with the amazing Cable Street Collective and doing a lot of production work

- Tom is releasing brilliant songs as a solo artist

- Iman is still playing bass in HAWXX.

You play with a full band and still play those songs at gigs? Why don’t you just call yourselves “Kill The Witness”?

Kill The Witness, although I wrote of the skeleton of the songs, was heavily the work of Jamie, Myself, Aaron and the other members who came in and out through its span, their musical arrangement and the parts they wrote for the songs made them what they were. It wouldn't feel right to carry on with that name after they're not involved. A lot of bands do, but I feel it's dishonest. 

I also write a lot of "softer folk" music, and whatever I do, that will always be a part of me. And I feel Kill The Witness, is definitely a to violent sounding name for that.

There's loads of reasons why the name has been dropped. Those are just a couple. Kill The Witness was great, and though this is similar, it isn't Kill The Witness anymore.

But I prefer the heavier stuff!!

Don’t worry, we still play heavy stuff, very similar to Kill The Witness. We also play the softer stuff as well. Come down to a show.

Please play a gig in *insert town here*
Please email me: info@timotmusic.com if you know of someone who will book me in said town and I’ll do my best to play it. It’s not always possible though. For example, if the venue aren’t willing to pay travel or give me somewhere to sleep.

Why are your songs so sad?

Fuck knows.

Can I book you for a show?
Sure! info@timotmusic.com

Why didn’t you reply to me?
I’m really sorry if I haven’t. It’s never personal. I’m totally DIY at the moment and I sometimes miss things (rarely I hope). If this ever happens please follow up.