I am a hero

with a boring story

you are the slot machine

that killed my family

you only tell the truth

to try and get your way

I am a wasted youth,

you are a video game


you are the politics

with no straight answer,

you are the 5 a day,

that gave me cancer

you are the mushroom cloud,

that never made the news,

you are an atom bomb

I am world war 2


and it's driving me insane

are we ever gonna change,

bag me up and throw me out


they said it's dark tonight

but I've seen darker

loving you until I die 

is all we've got in common

you are the crystal ball

at my alter

darling if we're gonna fall

we're going down together


you're burning up again

got rid of all my friends

you checked my phone again

you were round his house again

you cut your arm again

you cut my face again

i've lost the will to live,

i'm a man i can't say anything.


and it's driving me insane 

are we ever gonna change

bag me up and throw me out


and I know i'm gonna stay 

though nothings gonna change

on and on 'till the flame burns out